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Player Information

Name: Ayuu
Personal Journal: See contact info.
Age: Old enough to rent a car.
Contact Info: PM me and I'll respond ASAP!
Other Characters Played: None.

Character Information

Character Name: Jade Curtiss
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: 36 (was 35 during the game)
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: Post-game, a month or two after Van's defeat and Luke's disappearance.
Background Link:

Personality: Three to four good-sized paragraphs on your character's personality. This and the sample are the most important parts of the application. We want to know how your character thinks and why they do what they do.

"The Colonel seems scary, but on the inside, he's a fun guy!"
"No, he's scary on the inside too."

This exchange between Anise and Guy summarizes Jade's surface personality to a T. The man is brilliant, and worst of all, he knows it. He's ruthlessly pragmatic and terribly realistic, to the point where he can issue (or carry out) orders that other men might at least hesitate a little over without his expression changing in the slightest. He's also the type of man who can smile all while talking about dissecting monsters on the battlefield or blowing up his quasi-allies, and you can't actually tell if he's joking or not. Jade is a man who fits the clinical definition of a psychopath, and for much of his life has acted accordingly. Even now, when he has wholeheartedly accepted that death is not a thing to be taken lightly, it took him until his best friend Emperor Peony nearly died right in front of him--an event that took place maybe half a year ago for him where he is right now time-wise--for him to truly comprehend what it means for someone to die, and even then, he largely comprehends death through anger, not grief, and only for an extremely few people. For other people... well, you can't magically change the way your brain is built. Jade knows what death means intellectually, but for those who haven't managed to overcome all odds and pierce his barriers, he can still only see their deaths, and death in general, in an abstract way. This will only get worse when he realizes that death has little meaning in the Tower.

Thankfully for everyone involved, though, Jade is a man who, in his heart of hearts, despises himself and what he's done. Though he's managed to sort through a lot of it thanks to his journeys with Luke and the others, he considers his childhood and his fomicry research, as well as many of the other fonic innovations he created through his illustrious career as Dr. Balfour, rife with mistakes. He doesn't get depressed or moan about it--he hardly ever brings it up at all, and when he does he tends to talk about it clinically, as if he were an outsider looking in, unless the person to whom he's speaking explicitly knows they have to do specifically with him--but he shows no forgiveness to either himself or anyone who's committed similar sins. He is a brilliant man, and throughout his research he's pretty much never been wrong, but a lot of the things he's created have been used for ill, not least of which fomicry itself. Though he'll rarely if ever admit it aloud, Jade carries a lot of guilt and regret over his mistakes, and seriously (if quietly) questions whether he's even the kind of person who should be allowed to live. Jade, however, has a bigger sense of responsibility than that: it was Peony who knocked sense into him in the first place and got him to realize how much the people who love him would grieve if he died, and he knows that because he was the one who made these mistakes, he has to do what he can to fix them without making excuses or running away.

That is, unless it has to do directly with Prof. Nebilim, the woman he accidentally killed and became the basis of his first replica, who promptly went mad and killed dozens of Malkuth soldiers; then even now, Jade has a scar in his soul about that, and any conversation relating to her is deeply uncomfortable to him, to the point where if there is no explicit need for him to be there, he will walk away rather than address it. This isn't too different from his usual approach to matters he doesn't like discussing; if it comes up, he won't even address it until and unless forced to address it, and if it isn't actually relevant to anything, he'll refuse to engage. He also has trouble understanding that his "pranks" can actually be harmful, especially as regards Saphir, his former partner in his fomicry research. Hypocritical? Yes, but at the same time, he'll never try to claim that what he did was justified or that it wasn't so bad. He *knows* how many lives he ruined thanks to his long years of research, and while ultimately fomicry ended up saving the world, Jade just doesn't view it like that. Jade knows he's a bad man, and while he freely indulges that to the extent that he feels is harmless, he does hold back after a certain point. In an environment like the Tower's, where there is death and brutal experimentation galore, he's likely to hold back even further, just because this is an environment that suits him perfectly, and therefore MUST be extremely messed up.

So Jade will thus stick to his usual delightful black-humor self for the most part, especially once he realizes that even people he knows and cares about are explicitly not from the same world as his (or so the Tower administrators claim; Jade is not one to blindly accept information on faith, particularly on something as extreme as the destruction of the world and his being its only survivor, /particularly/ when the place he's in now is rife with illusions). He's just fine with most people thinking he's silly or scary or cool in a distant, superficial way. He'll be plenty serious when the situation demands it, as Jade is an insightful man who has a talent for seeing through bullshit, but for day-to-day interactions, he'll settle for his usual cocktail of inflicting minor annoyances and grievances--such as mercilessly making fun of or mocking people, being dryly sarcastic, making blatant lies while smiling, or even just not bothering to pretend to care--to keep people at arm's length. For those in positions of authority, or for those who don't seem like idiots, he'll be polite, though not necessarily respectful.

Funnily enough, after a certain point, the teasing becomes a sign of affection; people he doesn't like or respect get a patronizing coldness, while people he actually DOES care about get told off. He doesn't have the time or patience to deal with helping someone he doesn't like, after all, and while one of the most important people in his upbringing was Prof. Nebilim, Jade himself hates teaching. He doesn't like having to repeat himself, and while he'll do it if he absolutely must, he'd rather have someone else make the explanations instead, or as previously mentioned just not say anything at all.

Overall, Jade is a very unruffled man, detached and professional on the job and in control of the jokes when playing around. It's very rare for something to throw him off his groove, and it's inevitably when something manages to shoot past his various defenses and masks and strike him straight in what he calls a "weak point."

Abilities: Jade is a master fonist (the in-universe term for what is essentially a magic-user), one of if not the strongest one from his homeworld, and accomplished spearsman. He's also a genius, having invented the basis of fomicry when he was nine years old, and has invented many other fonic artes, several of them extremely dangerous, such as an arte meant to be imprinted on the eyes to improve essentially what is one's magical power--that one he invented and used on himself as a child, an arte that most people will either blind themselves with at best or kill themselves with at worst. Another notable such invention is use of the contamination effect to mix the fonons of his weapons with that of his body, or in other words, melt his weapons with his body, so that he can summon them at will; Jade is thus impossible to disarm.

He is skilled at the First through Sixth Fonons (in order, darkness, earth, wind, water, fire, light), though he has no specific darkness-based fonic artes, but cannot use the Seventh Fonon, which is related to healing and reading the Score (not that that's a thing for him anymore). His repertoire includes strike artes that utilize his spear and a variety of fonic artes from relatively weak to extremely strong, including three lost forbidden spells. Because he can use high-level fonic artes, he's capable of making his own masses of fonons which he can use to make his own FOF changes, which are basically powered-up versions of regular artes.

Being extremely intelligent, Jade's likely to be able to learn more spells if given the opportunity and if they map to the six types of fonons he can use. He's also in general stronger, quicker, more resilient, and has better reaction times than the average human or even the average soldier, but that's due to being a career military man with a lot of experience rather than any supernatural ability. ...Mostly.

Sample Entry: His tea had already gotten cold. One of the most vexing things about His Majesty was that he made it so easy to lose track of time. Jade didn't think that Peony made a game out of it, however, on account of the fact that he knew he made a game out of it. Very vexing indeed.

"While it's true that I can work on reports whether or not you're here, Your Majesty," Jade replied, returning his eyes to the paperwork in front of him, and his hand to scripting out the last several neat lines, "it really is much more efficient if you aren't here to serve as a distraction. Besides which, don't you have your own duties? You are, at least in theory, a much busier man than myself, Your Majesty."

"Ah, come on, Jade~ Don't sweat the details! Besides, you and I should get out, enjoy the sunshine, go lady-watching, maybe enjoy a few drinks over dinner. If you stay in here all day with these dusty reports, you really will turn into an old man!" The Emperor parked his behind on the desk and leaned over to poke his old friend in the cheek. When the first time got no response, he did it again, harder. "Never mind that you look as young as a guy half again your age. You're some kind of monster, you know that?"

"Please stop that, Your Majesty." Penning his name at the bottom, the colonel set the report on top of the outbox and peeled the next report off of his inbox. He paused at that point to frown sharply at the older man when he jabbed him a third time. "I asked Your Majesty nicely. I can always be less nice the next time around."

"Hahaha~ Are you threatening me, Jade?" Peony's grin was infuriatingly smug, which Jade expected was the point. He playfully raised his fists and added, "C'mon, put up your dukes! I'd like to see you lay a hand on me!"

"Really, must you be so coarse?" the brunet sighed, adjusting his glasses. "Your Majesty is perfectly aware that I would never employ violence against you." He met his eyes...and smiled serenely. "However, I cannot guarantee the same for your rappigs."

Peony gasped in outrage as he slammed his hands on the desk, then jabbed a finger in Jade's face. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Ah, what wonderful timing--there comes one now," Jade said pleasantly, pushing aside the Emperor's finger as, sure enough, a rappig nosed open his office door...and then his red eyes flickered when he recognized which one it was.

And of course, so did Peony. How could he not, when Jade had made a point of lampshading its arrival? He was on his feet and scooping up the errant rappig like lightning, cuddling him with sickening sweetness.

"Jaaade~ My sweet, adorable, cuddly little Jaaaade~~~" Peony cooed. "YOU'LL go on a stroll with me, won't you? Yes oo will, because you've actually got a likable personality, unlike some other Jades I know~~~"

Jade's expression--the human Jade's--instantly went wooden. He knew already the argument was lost, but his pride kept him from caving so easily.

"What's that, Jade? You were feeling lonely? Lonely and neglected?" Giving a mock gasp of shock, Peony held the animal out at arm's length, twirled around with it, and then went right back to cuddling it. "I'm so sorry, baby! I know how sad you get when you don't get enough love, Jade~"

Jade's grip on his pen tightened.

"I know!" Peony said brightly. "After our widdle walkies, why don't I get your widdle hoofies trimmed and polished? That'll make you feel pretty, won't it, Jade~? But don't worry, you're already plenty pretty! Unlike a certain other dour, frumpy Jade I know~~"

Jade bowed his head slightly; his long, auburn hair hid his expression.

"And then tonight, after I've given you a bubble bath and read you a bedtime story, Jade, I'll give you a special place in my bed so we can fall asleep cuddling! Normally Nephry gets that privilege, but since you've been so needy lately, I suppose I'll give you all my love tonight, Jaaaaaaaaaaaade~"

Hands slammed on the desk and chair legs screeched as they were pushed back when Jade stood up. "I'll play along with your damn whims already, so will you please stop that disturbing display!?" he snapped.

Peony's expression when he looked back at his human friend was the picture of innocence. "What, are you still here, Jade?"

"This is my office!"

He made an act of looking all around the room, then said brightly, "Why, so it is! Well, I guess if you're here, Jade, I can hang out with you for a little while. Don't worry, Jade~" he added to his rappig, "I'll be back for you later! Look forward to that bubble bath, okay~? ♥"

He leaned down to let the rappig hop out of his arms, then made a show of scratching his head--then shot up and glared at the rappig's namesake.

"You kicked me! Right in the foot, you kicked me!"

"I did no such thing. Even if I had, it would surely have been the result of a misstep rather than a deliberate act. Your Majesty is clearly delusional, as that display just now has already proved," Jade replied, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose despite the fact that they were already perfectly in place. "Now are we going or not?"

"Geez!" Peony pouted. "This is why you're the uncute Jade!"

"Did I not already tell you to stop calling me that?"

"Lighten up, Jade~ We're going on an adventure! That's got to be more interesting than sitting around doing deskwork all day!" Peony slung an arm around his shoulders, grinning like a cat still picking canary feathers out from between its teeth. "Right?"

Jade shut the door to his office behind them with a sigh of deepest suffering. "Oh, brother..."


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